Tomato-Green Bean Salad With Chickpeas, Feta and Dill Recipe (2024)



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This looks beautiful and delish! To make it more of an entree salad, I’d include grilled shrimp. Crusty French bread and a glass of crisp, white wine and dinner is served!


So glad to see the suggestion of using a kitchen towel rather than paper towel!


Best salad I've had in ages! 2 small changes. Used veggie grill basket & coated beans with olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Grilled till some char on beans. Grilled extra large shrimp with Za'atar. Cooled beans and shrimp. Cut shrimp in half and beans in thirds. Everything else per recipe. An absolutely incredible meal! Oh, and a little more feta. Never too much feta. Thanks so much Mr. Tanis!


Cook dry chick peas in a crock pot covered with water two inches above beans, on high, for three-four hours. Check five beans for doneness after three hours. Perfect every time. No soaking or burning. One cup dry is a good portion, about equivalent to a can and a half.

Ruby Johnson

This was lovely. I thinly sliced 1 onion, frizzled it in 1/2 cup olive oil, then added chickpeas and garlic. ( thanks Alison R.) Waited till the onion and chickpeas got crispy, then added this oil mixture to step 3, along with dressing, nixing the oil in step 2. WoW WoW


I used basil instead of oregano.


Delicious! This made enough for 3 adults as a main part of the meal, but could serve 4 as a side. I followed the directions exactly, and the only thing I would change in the future would be to cut the green beans so they’re roughly the same size as the tomatoes, for easier “a little bit of everything” bites.


Great summer/tomato season salad. We had it with a good quality tinned tuna and rips of crusty sourdough on top and it was delish.


Used canned chickpeas but broiled in toaster oven with a splash of olive oil first to crisp them a bit.

Norma Messing

Also really good using frozen green peas if you don’t have green beans or haricot vert handy when the urge strikes to make this salad. I chopped up a handful of fresh mint leaves instead of the dill,/we added sliced cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumber slices, and torn romaine lettuce to the sandwiches


Good. Holds over well, so make double and use it as a base for your lunches the next couple of days. I put sliced grilled chicken on top. Yum.


I'm a huge David Tanis fan. I have all his cookbooks. His recipes and dinner menus have always been superb. I'm going to make this exactly as presented and enjoy every bite. Off to shop:)

E Mullaney

Everyone loved this. I sub’d roasted asparagus for the green beans as that’s what I had and added frozen peas. I also roasted the canned chickpeas that I used. Doubled the quantity and served 6 for lunch with warmed up pita bread and lemon hummus on the side. Wonderful.


I often substitute goat cheese for feta in my salads and I think this onewould be good with the chevre. Planning to make it tomorrow.


What do your picky boys like? Parsley, basil, thyme, or chives come to mind as possible substitutes. Or, just let theirs go naked and add some yummy dill to your plate ;)


This was really good! I added a little sugar to the acidic dressing and added shallots. I used frozen peas, which we liked a lot. The feta cheese was a great addition but we both thought it was also delicious without. I used fresh oregano. Served with grilled shrimp marinated in tomato paste, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs. Awesome! Will make again!


Such a vibrant and delicious salad! I elevated the chickpeas by heating them in a pan with a little oil, garlic, smoked paprika, salt + pepper before setting them aside to cool. I also sliced half a red onion (added it raw, but could be sautéed).It was the perfect side for my air-fried salmon cakes, because the dill + lemon in both really tied the meal together. It looks best served fresh, but tastes just as delicious after a day or 2 in the fridge. Definitely saving this one!


What on earth is a pint of tomatoes?


This was so delicious! I added some fresh corn as I had some on hand as well as mint and parsley. It was amazing over a baked sweet potato and also great on its own. Good next day too.


The problem I had with this salad was in eating it. The chick peas kept falling off my fork, the green beans were too long,the dressing was bland. I shall not do it again.


In a word..... PERFECT! Such a delicious way to use my garden veggies at the height of the season. It also kept well for lunch the next day.


I would use a full lemon. Otherwise very good.


Used a suggestion from someone on this site and added pan seared shrimp and scallops to make this a full meal. Was delicious. Tossed the green beans in the dressing while still warm, they discolored a bit but they were yummy. I am usually a fan of chickpeas but besides nutritional value and heft I didn’t think they contributed much to the overall dish🫤


I was worried about that, so I heated the chickpeas in a pan with a little oil, garlic, smoked paprika, salt + pepper for a couple minutes to elevate them, and while I haven't tried it with plain chickpeas, I think it made all the difference and only took a couple minutes!


Surprisingly good. For a simple dish like this, quality & freshness of ingredients are key. Used fresh green beans, cherry tomatoes, dill purchased at the previous day’s farmer’s market. Per other commenters, added additional feta & subbed balsamic for red wine vinegar. Otherwise followed recipe. Used canned chickpeas & an excellent, moderately priced olive oil (Terra DeLyssa).


I made this and brought it to a dinner party, where it was a big hit. I used crumbled goat cheese rather than feta, and when I mixed everything together with the dressing, it became creamy with the cheese and was delicious. Will definitely make this again.


Cut green beans into thirds, consider doubling the dressing, increase feta (and use French feta for a bit more complexity.) Made exactly as is, and without those tweaks, I'd rate this "meh" - and I had great produce.


I make this with fresh peas or limas from the farmers’ market instead of chickpeas, and add white corn kernels. No cheese in our version, but a just a sprinkle of cooked bacon or pancetta on each serving adds crunch and flavor.


Great salad! I used canned chickpeas (I'm lazy) and it turned out great. Only change was that I added a little dijon to the dressing because mustard + green beans = classic deliciousness.


I subbed in cannellini beans instead of chickpeas and added shrimp cooked in herbes de provence seasoning. Left out the dill. Turned out great!


Great! Used 2 lbs of beans—roasted on sheet pan on the grill. Move those to the salad bowl with 2 pints tomatoes. Then followed Ruby’s advice and added oil, onion, garlic, and 2 cans chickpeas to the sheet pan and back on the grill. Added that to double the dressing ingredients. Doubled the cheese and herbs and added homemade croutons (from a stale baguette). Served topped with a bit of oil-packed tuna. So good!!!

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Tomato-Green Bean Salad With Chickpeas, Feta and Dill Recipe (2024)
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